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Rules for Handling Complaints and/or Claims Made by Clients

Complaints Handling Rules
Česká exportní banka, a.s.

with registered office at Prague 1, Vodičkova 34, pots code 112 21

Complaint or claim may be filed by natural person or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the “authorized person”), which:

a) assumes that Česká exportní banka, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “ČEB”) did not fulfill its duties arranged in the contractual relation or its duties arising from legal regulations and thus its rights  were affected,

b) demands protection of its subjective rights and interests or points out in its interest failing in behavior of individual employees and demands removal thereof.

1. Manner of filing of complaint and claim

ČEB accepts complaints or claims (hereinafter referred to as “submission”)

in writing to address:

electronically to address:

through data box:

Česká exportní banka, a.s.
filing room
P.O. Box 870
Vodičkova 34
111 21 Prague 1


ID: 4aydj3q

2. Requisites of submission



1. name and surname of complainant

1. business name or particularly name of the claimant

2. delivery address, company’s registered address, phone or e-mail for fast communication

2. delivery address, company’s registered address, phone or e-mail for fast communication

3. description of procedure, which is subject of complaint

3. description of claimed fact

4. division or possibly name of the employee, about whose behavior  it is complained

4. identification of product (e.g. contract No., account No. etc.)

5. relevant attachments or documents

5. relevant attachments or documents

3. Reasons for rejection of the submission, periods of limitation and extinction of right to complain

Claim shall not be accepted, if the court has already adjudicated on the respective matter or court proceedings have already been initiated concerning the matter. The authorized person shall be informed on the mentioned facts.

Defective performance must be asserted by claim without undue delay after the authorized person found out the defective performance, however at the latest within the period of limitation.

The authorized person may assert its right to compensation at ČEB within a three-year period commencing on the day, when it learnt or might have learnt on the damage and on the liable person. This period expires at the latest after 10 years from the day, when the duty was breached. ČEB does not provide performance from statute-barred claims.

4. Time limit for settling submissions

A submission shall as a rule be settled within 30 calendar days. If the CEB is not able to meet this time limit, it shall notify the authorized person in writing on this fact and give reasons for the longer settlement time limit and specify the date for the settlement of the submission.

Included in the submission settlement time limit are not the time limits for the correction or supplementation of a submission of an authorized person as well as for an additional acquisition of documents from the authorized person or third parties necessary for the examination of the submission.

5. Manner of response to a submission

The response shall be given to the claimant in a manner selected in the submission or delivered by communication means agreed beforehand between the claimant and the CEB, unless valid legislation does not require any other means for the delivery of the response.

6. Settlement costs

ČEB does not charge any fees for settlement of the submission.

7. Possibility of appeal

If the authorized person is not satisfied with settlement of the submission, it may appeal against such decision. The CEB shall revise the appeal within the period of 30 days and inform the authorized person on result of the review by a letter of the CEB Chief Executive Officer.

If the authorized person is not satisfied with settlement of the warranty claim, it may refer in cases specified by law to the Office of the Financial Arbitrator of the Czech Republic (www.finarbitr.cz). If the authorized person is not satisfied with settlement of the warranty claim, it may also refer to the regulator, which in this case is the Czech National Bank (www.cnb.cz).

7. Final provisions

These Rules become effective on 20 June 2017. The Rules are a publicly available document of ČEB, available for inspection on the reception desk of ČEB at the above-mentioned address and are also published on the website of ČEB www.ceb.cz.



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