Česká exportní banka, a.s. (Czech Export Bank; "ČEB") was founded in 1995. It was established as a bank in compliance with Act No. 21/1991 Sb. on Banks. Based on the authorisation to commence business issued by the Czech National Bank, ČEB started operating on July 1st, 1995. The bank is subject to supervision by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic in terms of its activities in the field of preferential financing, and subject to the supervision of the Czech National Bank in all matters related to its banking license.

The basic task of ČEB according to Act No. 58/1995 Sb. ČEB is the promotion of exports and the provision of preferential loans for financing on terms that are customary on international markets for officially supported export credits. These conditions are contained in the OECD Consensus, and the law requires ČEB to observe the OECD Consensus regulations.

During the time of its existence, ČEB has become an established part of the financial infrastructure of the Czech Republic and a well-known bank in territories traditionally associated with export of Czech goods and services. Since its establishment in 1995, ČEB has done a lot with a view to achieve its goal: creating conditions for financing export supplies, which would eliminate the former handicap of our companies facing their foreign competitors in tendersfor lucrative contracts.

After its establishment in 1995 – in the first year of its existence – the basic prerequisites for the bank to meet the expectations of its founders and Czech exporters were created. ČEB has become a bank recognised by Czech exporters, domestic and foreign banks, international institutions and investors.

Since its founding, ČEB has devoted considerable focus to establishing inter-bank relations and cooperation with international institutions, including participation in activities of relevant international fora.