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General Binding Laws and Regulations

General Mandatory Laws and Regulations

Česká exportní banka's (Czech Export Bank; "ČEB") activities are fully subject to the Act No. 21/1992 Coll. on Banks, as amended, and to other specific regulations on banking. ČEB's specific mission, i.e. provision of supported funding to Czech exports, is governed by Act No. 58/1995 Coll., on Insurance and Financing of Exports with State Support, as amended, and on supplement to the Act No. 166/1993 Coll., on the Supreme Audit Office, as amended, by Act No. 60/1998 Coll., Act No. 188/1999 Coll., Act No. 282/2002 Coll., Act No. 377/2005 Coll., Act No. 23/2006 Coll., Act No. 293/2009 Coll., Act No. 230/2013 Sb. and Act No. 220/2015 Coll.   State-supported financing is provided in accordance with the principles of European Union, and particularly by the rules enshrined in the "Arrangement on Guidelines for Officially Supported Export Credits" (the OECD Consensus).

Arrangement on Guidelines for Officially Supported Export Credits (the OECD Consensus)

Regulation (EU) No 1233/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council


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