Pre-export Credits

Credit for Pre-export Financing

Credit for pre-export financing enables Czech producer or exporter to finance costs connected with realization of deliveries for foreign buyer (importer).

Credit for pre-export financing covers the following costs:

  • Purchase of raw material and other components for export production;
  • Purchase of material (goods) for export, which is integral part of transaction supporting Czech production
  • Personal costs, i.e. wages, social and medical insurance costs; and                               
  • Investment costs in connection with acquisition of investment assets for export production.

How it works

Pictogram Legend:

  1. Export contract for the delivery of goods and/or services
  2. Credit agreement
  3. Insurance policy covering credit risks*
  4. Credit disbursement upon documents certifying production expenditures
  5. Delivery of goods and/or services after production completion
  6. Credit repayment either by means of irrevocable letter of credit issued by order of the importer, or by means of export buyer's or supplier's credit

* Pursuant to the amendment of Act No. 58/1995, EGAP insurance is no longer a condition for the provision of supported financing. Depending on ČEB requirements, some other form of security may serve as a substitute for EGAP insurance.

Basic characteristics

Short-term Credit

  • Repayment term up to 2 years
  • Credit amount – up to 85% of export contract amount

Long-term Credit

  • Fixed or floating interest rate
  • Repayment term more than 2 years
  • Credit amount – up to 75% of export contract amount

EGAP insurance – "F", insured party – ČEB