Bank Guarantees

Česká exportní banka guarantees to pay the beneficiary an amount up to the sum given in the guarantee, if the debtor (principal) has failed to meet a specified obligation, or other conditions stated in the guarantee are met.

Česká exportní banka issues bank guarantees in the Czech Republic or abroad in the form of direct or indirect guarantee.

Direct bank guarantee is issued by the applicant's bank (issuing bank) directly to the guarantee's beneficiary. With indirect guarantee another bank is involved, i.e. Česká exportní banka issues an indirect guarantee (counter-guarantee) to the second bank, on the basis of which the second bank issues a guarantee to the beneficiary.

Bid bond

Guarantee insures the obligation of a winning bidder to enter into a contract.

Through this guarantee, Česká exportní banka will compensate the tender organiser in the event that an exporter wins the tender but does not comply with the conditions in the bid it submitted. Such non-compliance with conditions may be, for example, a change in price, delivery time or delivery terms, or a refusal to conclude the export contract.

Performance bond

Guarantee insures the obligation of the bidder to execute the export contract. This guarantee serves to ensure the time and quality of the delivery.

The guarantee extent depends on particular provisions in the contract. Česká exportní banka guarantees the fulfilment of export contract conditions for the exporter.

Advance payment guarantee

Guarantee insures the obligation of the exporter to return the advance payment or its proportional part in case of his failure to deliver goods, equipment, services or work according to conditions of the relevant export contract.

Advance payment to exporter's account may be a condition for the guarantee to become effective.

The guarantee may contain a reduction clause, i.e. the amount of the guarantee may be proportionately reduced as portions of the export contract are executed.

Retention Money Guarantee, Retention Bond

Guarantee insures the obligation of the exporter within warranty period and enables the exporter to exercise proprietary rights over retention funds otherwise paid after the warranty period.

Advance payment to exporter's account may be a condition for the guarantee to become effective.

Warranty Bond, Warranty Guarantee

Guarantee insures the quality during warranty period. Česká exportní banka guarantees the quality of the delivery requested by a particular export contract during the warranty period.

The extent of the guarantee is based on the specific conditions of the export contract.

Export Guarantees (SME Support Programme)

Product is suitable especially for small & medium enterprises that participate in export in the form of sub-deliveries and are clients of Česká exportní banka or another commercial bank.

The principle of the program is financing provided by commercial banks, guaranteed by a quality bank guarantee issued by Česká exportní banka.

The guarantees are insured using the EGAP - "Z" insurance product, where CEB is the insured party.