Foreign Exchange Spot with Individually Stipulated Interest Rate (FX Spot)

Foreign exchange spot with an individually stipulated exchange rate enables exporters to exchange two different currencies while using the actual market exchange rate. It represents a trade with currency arranged by a Česká exportní banka dealer in real time, using the actual exchange rate, without using ČEB exchange rates table.

Basic Parameters

  • The settlement timeframe for spot operation is two bank working days after the trade date.
  • Individually stipulated exchange rates present a considerable benefit.
  • The exporter must have currents account at ČEB set up in both currencies of the trade.
  • The execution of the transaction has a connection to the exporter's original business case.
  • It is necessary to conclude a foreign exchange spot agreement.

Reasons for Foreign Exchange Spot:

  • The exchange rates are more favourable to the exporter than those calculated from the ČEB exchange rates table.