Private Sector Liaison Officer for World Bank Group

The Ministry of Finance of the CR appointed the Czech Export Bank (CEB) to perform, on behalf of the Czech Republic, the function of the so-called Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) for the World Bank Group (WBG), which also includes the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The PSLO network is a contact network for World Bank / IFC cooperation with the private sector. The aim of this network is to strengthen relations with the private sector and to support the participation of business entities in the implementation of the goals of the development agenda. The PSLO network currently has 155 members in almost 100 countries.

The role of PSLO for Czech exporters and investors:

  • Facilitating contact between Czech private sector and the WBG,
  • Arranging business opportunities,
  • Disseminating information on announced tenders and assisting companies in tender procedures,
  • Representing and formulating the position of the Czech private sector vis-à-vis international financial institutions in order to support the involvement of Czech companies in development projects,
  • Organizing trade missions focusing on a selected sector or region and seminars on new opportunities for involvement in development projects, etc.

How can PSLO help you to succeed in emerging markets?

  • PSLO helps you to find opportunities for Czech companies,
  • Through the worldwide IFC network, PSLO can provide information for Czech exporters and investors directly from the target territory and facilitate their entry into new markets,
  • By arranging direct contact with partners in the given territory of interest, PSLO helps to carry out your export or investment opportunity.