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The recent cooperation between our company AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE and Česká exportní banka (Czech Export Bank) dates back to autumn 2007, when AERO was acquired, within the privatization, by the investment group Penta Investments. The cooperation consisted in financing the production of civilian helicopters Sikorsky S76 to the USA. I remember the sharp but fair duel where historical data said not to fund. Eventually, in cooperation with ČEB and EGAP everything came off and retrospectively, I hope we can say for all participating parties that it was a successful project. Further projects followed, this time in the financing of development and pre-serial costs for the project of development and production of the leading edge of the wing of the aircraft Bombardier CSeries and currently the last project of development and production of 4 sections of the aircraft KC-390 for the Brazilian company Embraer.

AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s.

Aircraft Industries

Owing to the support of ČEB, we successfully carried out financing of export of our aircraft, for example, to French Guiana in 2009 and more recently also to Nepal. Currently, we are working together on further business case - the promotion of export of three aircrafts to the Republic of South Africa and one to India. We believe that this business case will be completed successfully and we look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation with ČEB.

Aircraft Industries, a.s.


In June 2014, the modernized line LPC1 for rolling plates in the metallurgical plant Ašinský, located in the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation, was inaugurated. The contract was implemented as a "turnkey contract" in the course of 22 months. Its purpose was to significantly improve the quality of manufactured production while maintaining a capacity of 650,000 tons of heavy plates per year - 85% of the contract value was financed by an export loan provided by the Czech Export Bank with EGAP insurance.

ALTA, a.s.


Our company is a manufacturer of dedicated machines, handling equipment and welded structures.

We have been cooperating with the Czech Export Bank since 2010. Our cooperation mainly consists in the area of issuing bank guarantees.

We were the first company that concluded, a framework agreement with the Czech Export Bank on issuing documents of guarantee within the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSP) programme. Since the beginning of our cooperation, ČEB issued in favour of our firm bank guarantees in the value of more than CZK 25 million and thus helped us in financing of export contracts and hedging.

I can recommend the cooperation with ČEB to small and medium-sized enterprises in this area.

AM-C.M.E. s.r.o.

Arkon Flow Systems

The company Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o. focuses on the production and export of measuring and control technology. In 2013, we were looking for solutions for our overseas distributors in the possibility of financing their inventory orders which would help us, as a small company, to expand to markets and also to increase the turnover.

We found a solution with the Czech Export Bank, which surprised us with its helpfulness and endeavor to help even such a small company like ours.

Over the last two years we have already realized 10 business cases and we were able to significantly support our distributors.

We could always fully rely on the Czech Export Bank and its experts who have always provided professional, helpful and quick action.

Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o.

Doosan Škoda Power

We use the services of the Czech Export Bank, as a major specialized institution forming a part of the system of pro-export state policy, for example in financing of the selected transactions in nuclear energy; the bank finances our client - operator of nuclear power plant. The services which the bank provides in connection with our activities in the territories where commercial banks have limited funding possibilities, e.g. in the areas of the purchase of receivables or the provision of buyer´s credits to our clients in Cuba or recently in Iraq, are also interesting for us. We will certainly accept the bank’s interest to finance transactions in which the general contractor - called EPC contractor with its registered office abroad is involved between the final customer - the borrower and the company Doosan Škoda Power as the Czech exporter. We are glad that the Czech Export Bank has been recently changing to more client-oriented organization and we will be happy to cooperate in the future on new and interesting export projects in energetics .

Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o.


ENERGO-PRO group has been cooperating with the Czech Export Bank since 2000. This cooperation has enabled us to expand our activities abroad and enhance the operation of the group in the Balkans and in the area of the Black Sea. The Czech Export Bank has been the main partner of ENERGO-PRO in financing projects in Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey, in the sector of hydroelectric power stations and electric power distribution. In particular, the project carried out in Georgia with the support of the Czech Export Bank in 2007 ensured our company a position at the local market as the largest foreign investor in Georgia. The cooperation with the Czech Export Bank has always been on very professional level, constructive and pro-export.



In November 2014, with significant assistance of Česká exportní banka, a.s., we bought 100% share in the company Lucas Precision L.P. in Cleveland, Ohio. The whole acquisition process represented a very demanding sequence of legal, financial, accounting and tax steps. I am very glad to state that Česká exportní banka, a.s. represented in this challenging process not only the role of a banking house, but, more importantly, it became a major advisory body to which we could always turn to with special queries.

Česká exportní banka, a.s. is a leader on the domestic export-banking market in the financing of export activities, which bring real and positive results for the Czech economy. In our particular case, this represents export contracts newly concluded in a short period of the first three months after the takeover of the company Lucas Precision L.P. in the amount of one million dollars and further contracts in the amount of four million euro which are just before the signing. Due to this significant export promotion the Czech export firms and Czech entrepreneurs focusing on foreign markets help to the economic growth of the Czech Republic and to stable employment. As an owner of the group of export companies Fermat I do realize this undoubted fact and let me thank you for your real contribution. I actively promote and recommend Česká exportní banka, a.s. to all my partners across the engineering industry.

We believe that we will have opportunities within the Fermat group to further actively use your support in the business and meet over other export projects soon again.

FERMAT CZ s.r.o.


The cooperation between FERRIT s.r.o. and Česká exportní banka, a.s. began with first contacts in 2008. In the following year, financing of the project ADULARYA was processed through ČEB with EGAP insurance. The value of tranche A, a mining part of the project ADULARYA, from 85% financed through an export credit, is the largest business contract in the twenty-year history of the company FERRIT s.r.o.

By this financial backing, Česká exportní banka, a.s. very significantly supported the goodwill of the company FERRIT s.r.o. in Turkish, if not the world market in the area of mining industry.

Thanks to the professional attitude of all participants who are involved in financing of the project ADULARYA, both from the part of ČEB and EGAP, we can confirm further interest in cooperation with Česká exportní banka, a.s.

FERRIT s.r.o.

GE Aviation Czech

Our company has been successfully cooperating with the Czech Export Bank already for the third year.

The cooperation concerns the financing of export by a credit to the end customer or purchase of receivables and consequent extension of the maturity for the end customer.

The level of services is very high. The cooperation allows our company to offer the customers similar financial services which are offered by competitors, in order to obtain new contracts.

GE Aviation Czech s.r.o.


M a v e l, a.s. is a leading globally operating production and engineering company specializing in supplying turbines and all associated equipment and technologies for hydroelectric power stations. For the implementation of demanding overseas projects, the availability of export financing is a key concern. The Czech Export Bank has supported our company in the construction of the largest hydroelectric power station in Belarus, in Grodnenskaya locality by provision of a credit to the end user for the complete technological part. The subject of delivery were five Kaplan turbines of direct flow with a total installed capacity of 18.87 MW. The Czech Export Bank, which currently focuses its activities on the energy and engineering industry, met our expectations in all respects, and as a proof of this, it is the third year of successful operation of that hydroelectric power station to the full satisfaction of the foreign customer.

M a v e l, a.s.

M Steel Projects

The cooperation between M Steel Projects a.s. and Česká exportní banka, a.s. (Czech Export Bank, ČEB) dates back to 2010. This relationship allowed us to expand abroad beyond the borders of the EU and boost our activities in the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea regions. By its financial backing, the Czech Export Bank significantly enhanced the goodwill of our company on the Azerbaijan market.

Thanks to the support from the CEB we were able to successfully finance the general repair, reconstruction and construction works along 317km of the railway from Baku to Boyuk Kesik, Republic of Azerbaijan. In cooperation with the ČEB and the EGAP insurance company the project was successfully completed and in retrospect we dare to say for all the participants that the general repair of the Azerbaijan railway was a high success.

Currently, we work together on another business case — the general repair of 600km of railway from Baku to Boyuk Kesik. The current phase of the project is highly demanding, not only from the perspective of the individual project management and funding areas but also in terms of the logistics of delivering the individual types of goods, machines and devices which we supply to Azerbaijan. We believe that the present business case will be finished successfully as well and we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation with the ČEB which so far has been a fully reliable partner and whose employees were always willing and ready to offer professional and prompt support.

M Steel Projects a.s.


Owing to the long-term cooperation with the Czech Export Bank, the company PAPCEL managed to enter new markets and to obtain new contracts in Europe and other markets. These new projects, financed by ČEB, have been definitely increasing the technological know-how of the company and its business and technical level. In many cases, it concerns greenfield investments which are always something new, whether by machine deliveries or complex of the offered and provided engineering services. Thanks to cooperation with ČEB, PAPCEL can develop its activities, employ more people and work on projects which could not be implemented in the past. Moreover, thanks to the bank, PAPCEL has become a supplier of complete turnkey technologies.

PAPCEL, a.s.


PSG appreciates the support of ČEB in the past in the form of financing export of investment projects in difficult territories such as Russia, Egypt and other countries.



For ŠKODA JS a.s. Česká exportní banka, a.s. represents significant, reliable and irreplaceable partner with a rating of the Czech Republic for the financing of major projects abroad. Our largest joint project, which is currently being implemented, is the project "Completion of Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, Units 3 and 4". In the years 2000 - 2005, ŠKODA JS a.s. implemented the project Construction of the plant for processing natural gas in Sosnogorsk, in the Republic of Komi. Severgazprom was the customer. Even a strong partner, which Gazprom or its subsidiary Severogazprom undoubtedly is, appreciated favourable financing conditions by ČEB. ŠKODA JS and ČEB worked successfully in the years 2009 - 2014 on financing supplies to increase the nuclear safety of Ukrainian nuclear power plants for the customer GP NAEK Energoatom.



ČEB helps the company ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL a.s. by export financing to successfully implement demanding projects in territories outside the EU. In recent years, due to the help of ČEB, machine tools ŠKODA were installed in China, Japan and Russia.


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