Export Credits

  • Long-term buyer's credit

Purchase Czech products and services with Buyer’s Credit from Czech Export Bank!


  • delivery of larger units (e.g. turn-key solutions and technologies for energy, infrastructure, environment), including accompanying services and putting the investment into operation;
  • delivery of machinery, transportation units or defence and security products, including the delivery of spare parts;
  • ability to finance corporate counterparties as well as sovereign counterparties.


Key terms and conditions:

Re-payment period Over 2 years (from the end of the disbursement period)
Tenor Up to 10 years (renewable energy, climate-change mitigation and water projects 15–18 years; rail infrastructure 14 years; new aircrafts 12 years / used aircrafts 5–10 years; no-nuclear power plants 12 years; nuclear power plants 18 years)
Max. Credit Amount 85% of Export Contract amount
Own Resources Min. 15% of Export Contract value must be paid by the buyer through advance payment at or before the starting point of credit
Purpose CEB requires the purpose of the loan to be documented by the borrower in accordance with the Export Contract
Interest Rate Fixed or floating + margin
Currency EUR / USD
Re-payment Individual arrangement (usually in 3 or 6 months re-payment periods)
Credit options As bilateral or in club / syndicate with other banks
Insurance and Security The loan can be extended only with satisfactory collateral / security or insurance


  • Miroslav Stříbrný
    Miroslav Stříbrný
    Director of the Sales and Export Finance Division
  • +420 222 843 329
  • +420 602 608 999
  • Dušan Richtár
    Dušan Richtár
    Director of the Export Finance Department
  • +420 222 843 245
  • +420 734 481 736