About us

The real borrowing activity of CEB depends on development of our export loan activities and current situation on capital markets.

ČEB acquires its funds mainly through international and domestic money and capital markets. Since its establishment in 1995 the bank has been following cautiously governed fund raising policy and has built its name in the investor community.

EMTN and ECP Program

ČEB is a frequent issuer on capital market (with EMTN Program in the size of EUR 4 bn, RegS format). The list of bonds issued is available here. All bonds issued are placed on capital markets in the form of either public offering or private placement and are listed on Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

ECP program was launched with the intention to further steamline short term liquidity management and to offer short term instrument investors another possibility to invest (ECP Program in the size of EUR 400 mn).

CEB borrowing activity

Borrowing operations are characterized by using financial expertise, analysis of available instruments with the aim to take advantage of individual markets while maintaining the goal of diversification of our investor base (both geographically and by investor type). ČEB continually works on building active relationships with financial institutions, domestic and international banks and organizations.

Repurchase of notes

We are ready to offer our investors the possibility to buy-back of our bonds within the last interest rate period.

Financial information

ČEB financial statements and other information are available here.

Act No. 58/1995 Coll. on Insurance and Financing of Exports with State Support